Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer Must Reinstate the Status Quo of Muslim MPs

Over 4 million British Muslims in the UK

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USPA NEWS - Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer Must Reinstate the Status Quo of Muslim MPs
There are over 4 million British Muslims in the UK, the majority of whom are traditionally Labour Party supporters. These Labour Party voters are urging Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer to reinstate the status quo of the Muslim MPs as shadow ministers accordingly, said Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner.
The primary duty of any member of Parliament, first and foremost is the national interest of the nation. At the same time the public interest and the interest of their constituents must take precedence, this is over and above party politics, the political party or above the party leader.  Members of parliament are the law makers. Therefore, they are under an obligation to uphold the national and international law. It is a moral obligation and a sense of conscience for a member of parliament to defend the national interest, victims of human rights violation and stand up for justice and equality. This allegiance is fundamental first and foremost before any party politics.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has breached the international law of human rights. The United Nations and The International Court of Human Rights have declared PM Benjamin Netanyahu, his defence minister and also the army chiefs’ actions to be war crimes and also say they are responsible for genocide in Gaza. There is currently an imminent expectant international warrant of arrest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu, his defence minister and also the army chiefs of Israel. The killing of defenceless men, women and especially children indiscriminately on the orders of PM Netanyahu has shocked the world beyond comprehension.
The bombing of civilian homes, burying fathers, mothers and children alive. The bombing of hospitals, the carnage and slaughter of the sick in the hospitals has made the stomachs of the public around the world turn. As well as this heinous act of crime, PM Netanyahu has also ordered to cut off the water, food and medical supplies to the innocent sick and old Palestinians in Gaza and other occupied territories, thus creating a deliberate man-made famine.

There are also now mass graves being discovered of innocent defenceless Palestinians who have been killed at Gaza hospitals. The world continues to witness the barbaric actions carried out on the orders of PM Netanyahu, unfold before them. This is seen by many around the world as the most heinous crimes against humanity and genocide against defenceless innocence men, women and children ever carried out in history. The Israeli PM Netanyahu has been condemned, not only by the public around the world, but by the peace-loving Jews of Torah who have also come out in uproar against the actions of PM Benjamim Netanyahu.
The Israeli Prime Minister’s callous and barbaric actions, carrying out genocide, has put the safety and security of the peace-loving Jews around the world into compromise.
Shazada Hayat said, I am a proud son of a decorated war hero soldier from the Second World War. My father gave the best part of his life to save the innocent defenceless Jews from Hitler and his Nazi war machine. Today for me to see the barbaric actions carried out by PM Benjamin Netanyahu is beyond belief. As a result of the shocking actions of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, carrying out carnage, the worst seen in history, the British courageous MPs of conscience stood up to challenge and condemn the Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu and his war machine, known as the IDF. These MPs demanded an immediate ceasefire and the water, food and medical supplies to reach the
suffering survivors of the carnage.

As a result, of the moral and conscience stance taken by these MP champions of human rights, seen as heroes, these MPs have been forced to resign and have had their whips taken away from them.
The irony and shocking thing is the heroes are treated as villains and the tyrant oppressor villains are treated as heroes. These are not the true values of what the Labour movement was created on and stands for. The Labour movement stands for challenging and eradicating the powerful and rich who dare to oppress and abuse the poor and weak. Today, sadly the rich donors and their lobbyists are controlling and making the decisions and not the British political party leaders and the British public.
The enemies and dark forces are taking this great country towards destruction and to a point of no return for their selfish ulterior motives.
Shazada Hayat went on to say, Many of the MPs who had the courage and dignity to challenge the injustice and atrocities against the defenceless Palestinians, have been made political martyrs and political victims by the party leader. Especially the Muslim members of parliament who put humanity before their political career and party politics, such as Shadow Minister Imran Hussain MP, Afzal Khan MP, Naz Shah MP and Yasmin Qureshi MP who have all had their whips taken away from them for standing up and defending the carnage and slaughter of the men,

women and children in Gaza. This action, taken by the party leader, has shocked the British public, especially the 4 million British Muslims. These Muslim MPs did exactly what Prophet Moses ?, Prophet Jesus ? and Prophet Muhammad ? did and would have done under the circumstances, to stand up and defend the poor, weak and the helpless, during their time on Earth.
Aurangzeb Akbar/Investigative Journalist/Int-pl
Source: Ak
The power of God is ultimate. The wrath of God is formidable, phenomenal and ferocious. The leader of the Labour Party Sir Kier Starmer MP must comprehend the fact that 24 hours is a long time in politics and prevention is better than a cure. Regrets cannot bring back the situation or the time. Sir Kier Starmer, if he wishes to be a great Labour leader, then he must be fearless and uphold the true values of what the Labour movement was created for. Sir Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan were symbols of the Labour Party movement. Sir Kier Starmer must stand for and by Britain’s national interest. He must stand by humanity, must stand by the will of the British public, must stand by the feelings of the 4 million British Muslims. He must stand by the die-hard Muslim Labour voters and supporters, must stand by the Muslim members of Parliament who have helped to build this Labour movement from strength to strength with enormous sacrifice. Sir Kier Starmer must stand for justice and fairness, which are the foundations and pillars of the Labour Party movement, said : Shazada Hayat. Free Collaboration / AAkbar @ London / Int-pl- Ihr/c

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